What our students are saying.

  • Julie Bersani
    The Sweat Spot is a non-competitive environment, which allows each dancer to learn, grow, and express themselves with a sense of safety and support. The teachers bring a palpable passion into their classrooms and demonstrate respect for each dancer and their individual needs. The studio was essential in my physical and emotional rehabilitation when returning to dance after years of being afraid to engage due to an intense accident. I am incredibly grateful for this beautiful, warm, open studio and all of the people that make it so special.
    - Julie Bersani
  • Ayesha Orange

    When you want to feel redeemed, go sweat it out at The Sweat Spot!

    - Ayesha Orange
  • Tucker Merrick
    The Sweat Spot is one of those hidden gems that you look for in a big city. Not only are the classes all unique and fantastic, but there’s a real thriving community here that’s a joy to be a part of, even if you’re the guy in back with no prior dance experience (other than a series of strong appearances in the 7th grade Bar Mitzvah circuit). Look at me now Debra Goldman!
    - Tucker Merrick
  • Zach Shields

    The Sweat Spot is one of my favorite things about LA. I had always wanted to dance, but didn’t have the courage to do it until I discovered Sweaty Basics. The Sweat Spot is an inviting / non-judgemental and supportive environment that challenges you to be yourself. If you don’t have a garbage heart, Sweat Spot is your place.

    - Zach Shields
  • Ilana Cohn-Sullivan

    I love this place so much. I can’t believe I’m a grown ass woman learning to dance for the first time in my life. It’s so liberating and no one is judgey. The sweat spot is pure joy. Never had a bad teacher or experience.

    - Ilana Cohn-Sullivan
  • Mario Diaz

    This dance studio is my church, my therapy and a total blast. It’s been a real blessing in many of our lives. I LOVE SWEAT SPOT.

    - Mario Diaz


The Sweat Spot is Ryan Heffington’s warm and welcoming dance studio in the heart of Silverlake. We’re a 2200 square foot space and a hub of the east side arts community. Our classes include ballet, contemporary, modern, jazz, hip hop, dance fitness, twerking, Gaga, Pilates and a variety of emerging dance styles and fitness classes specific to the 19 amazing teachers and choreographers who call The Sweat Spot home.

Most classes at The Sweat Spot are all levels and it’s totally common to see complete beginners and professional dancers sweating side by side.  We welcome new dancers, returning dancers, career dancers and anyone who wants to experience the joy of moving your body. Spend some time on our website, follow us on Instagram and Twitter @thesweatspot, or best of all, come and experience our amazing community for yourself.